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                            2002 - "Xin Hong," Town in Dongguan City, set up a productionfacility, specializing in  the production phone       holster.

                            2003 -  United States to undertake "Wal-Mart" and "Belkin"Customer Order.
                            2004 -  February set up a "leather design" center.

                            April to undertake the Japanese "Telecommunications" orders.
                            May's restructuring accept OEM,ODM orders forproduction "MOTOROLA V3" products,and                   "MOTOROLA V3"product design right.
                            2005 -   April obtained "ISO9001" international quality management system, customer acceptance test plant.

                                         May undertake the French "Telecommunications"orders.

                                         July, the United States to undertake "TESSCO" and"AT & T" customer orders.
                            2006 -   Guangxi Bucheon was established in January, "DingHong," leather factory.

                                          March to undertake "HTC" orders.

                                          May to undertake the largest U.S. distributors"SUPERIOR" orders.
                            2007 -   Dongguan was established in January, "Tai Rui" LeatherCo., Ltd.

                                          In February the United States to undertake "GRIFFIN-iPhone" orders.

                                          March to undertake"Nam Tai Electronics",order and accept the test plant,mass production SONY-PSP   game sets.
                            2008 -  Completed in April "ISO14001" certification, import"QC080000".

                                          May set up R & D centers and leather plastic productstesting center.

                                          June through "SONYERICSSON" social responsibility of the customer's system certification, and initial  access"SONYERICSSON" orders.

                                          September, the first domestic leather factory by"SAMSUNG" EP system certification, and access to         Samsung'sHuizhou factory orders.
                            2009 -  Made 
                            ??in September, "D & B certificate", undertake"SONYERICSSON" orders, mass production              OEM orders.

                                         October also received "TOMTOM" Orders, Production,GPS units.

                                         Taiwan in November to undertake "Tsuen Po 'orders, production disk sets.
                            2010 - October market restructuring, corporate customers by theAM market to all types of OEM / ODM market.
                            2011 - listed corporate planning, asset restructuring, and the preliminary work.


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