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                                Come Tree  International, Inc. as a storage industry leader, its corporate culture has been regarded as a model for the industry, and her culture can be from the following aspects study:

                             For quality , we seek perfection, and put it as our enterprise's life, if you ignore the quality, it is              tantamount to being smashed in the hands of our jobs.

                            For customers , we find satisfaction, the customer is not God, but our loved ones.Customer                  satisfaction is the core of our services, this belief must be rooted in the hearts of each employee's health savings. 

                            For employees , we seek care, employees are the pillars of development. Although we come from all    over the world, but we have a common house --- Come Tree , our flight with Masonic and personality of    equality, mutual love.

                            staff for the quality of , we make progress, the staff capabilities of enterprises active power.

                            staff for the quality of , we find noble. Our staff not only to create extraordinary,but to be honest,           diligent hard work, easy to learn, a model of unity and dedication.

                            For business strategy,we find the best.The best mechanism for nurturing and training the best people,provide the best stage, dedicated the best service.

                            For enterprise spirit , we seek innovation. In a rapidly changing era, only product innovation, the          concept of employee innovation,enterprise strength continues to jump,Kang storage life can be extende-d.

                            For value of the business , we tend to sacrifice. Kang Chu survival value lies not only give employees a development stage, and is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

                            For business goals,we seek excellence,destined to a rough ride coming years,but as the most first-     class cultural tastes and marketing business,we committed,we must brand never go beyond well-known and expectations on the industry,through technology and continuous improvement of management make us a market leader.




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